Design x Silk. A silky surface whose beauty lies in its lustrjous definition of shadows. There are five kinumote designs, with more bespoke possibilities.



Kifunushi (絹布紙) is a Japan-produced 100% silk material used to bolster the underlining of woven fabric. The unique beauty of silk is characterized by the dying and lining processes, wherein thick weft and handspun tsumugi threads are interwoven irregularly, creating a refined texture that changes with the angle of light.


About Silk


横糸を製造する段階で複数の蚕から糸を紡ぐため 節が自然に生じているのです。絹の染色から張り合わせ、乾躁、仕上げ加工までを一貫して手作業でおこなっており、人体に有害なホルムアルデヒドを使用しておりません。 絹布紙は、絹でなければ表現できない、落ち着きと品のある風合いを感じさせる天然の織物に仕上がっています。

Silk is known for its superior breathibility, absorption, and gas adsorption. It is said to have mositure absorbency and odor resistance, as well as the ability to prevent decay. Furthermore, the thick weft and handspun tsumugi (紬) threads are irregularly interspersed, an effect made possible because of how they are woven by hand.

Silk fibers are taken from multiple silkworms when the weft threads are spun, which creates natural lines. Upon dyeing, silk threads are stuck together and dried, remaining that way throughout the remainder of the process, without the use of any formaldehyde, which is toxic to humans. Kinufushi has a naturally woven texture that has a subdued and elegant softness that can only be expressed by silk.



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