Elegant Selection

Elegant Selection

Elegant Selectionは、”その”ツキ板にしかない木目の特徴を生かしたデザインをしております。デザインパネルの凹凸にマッチしたツキ板をセレクトし、最高のコンディンションでプロジェクトへお届けいたします。

Genuine wood veneer is by nature's design. Each is unique. The design is in the differences in the wood grain.
With Elegant Selection, we enable design that takes advantage of the special characteristics in the wood grain that are unique to that batch. We select veneer that complements the shape of the design panel, so we can ship it to your project in the best possible condition.



Elegant Selectionの掲載画像は「参考見本」ではなく、実際にプロジェクトに「納めるツキ板」を提案します。 そのためそれぞれ貴重な一点ものとなり、完全に思い描いた通りのオリジナリティ溢れる空間を創ることができます。Elegant Selectionはデザイナーにとってもクライアントにとってもわかりやすいご提案が可能です。

Have you ever painstakingly selected a veneer, only to have it arrive and be different from what you had expected?

Maybe the grain is not as striking as you had hoped, or the color is bolder or more muted than what you anticipated. Elegant Selection provides images that are not merely reference samples. What you see is literally what you get. Each selection is precious, so you can design a space that is of its own unique essence. Elegant Selection makes things transparent and easy to understand—for both client and designer alike.

Designed Veneer

同じ柄の木目が存在しないツキ板。貼り方によってツキ板をデザインすることができます。ひとつひとつ手作業でユニークな木目を作り上げていきます。 写真はウォールナット板目。ロット(丸太)が変われば色や木目も異なります。エレガントセレクションでは、それぞれのユニークな木目の柄が引き立つデザインをおこなっています。

No veneer is like the other. Furthermore, you can design by determining the way in which it is applied. Each veneer is affixed by hand to create something unique. Both the images below are of walnut. Their lot number (i.e. the log they come from) is different. Each lot number has is own distinct grain and color, offering the potential to make designs that further elevate the natural wood patterns unique to each lot. That’s the kind of design Elegant Selection allows.


Limited Volume


Veneer is a limited resource, made by nature. We offer the size and volume you need. We designate each project its own specification number, which we manage individually so that the sample in your hand matches the end product that ships to you.

Elevating the Wood Grain to its Greatest Potential

Elegant Selectionは「木味(きあじ)」を優先的に考えセレクトしております。着色塗装ではなく、ツキ板本来の色が一番引き立つクリヤー塗装をおすすめしております。

Elegant Selection gives the utmost consideration to the presence of the wood. We recommend using a clear coat that will best accentuate the natural color of the veneer.